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Five ways to win radio phone-in competitions

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Here at Win24 towers, we know a lot of you like to take part in radio phone-in competitions. Because the number of people entering is generally quite low, your chances of winning can be very good. And for the dedicated Comper, thereís also a few other ways you can increase your chances of striking it lucky.

1. Listen to lots of different radio stations

Itís a good idea to try to get a handle on the current range of radio sweepstakes. If you get to know the different stations' patterns, youíll get a better picture of which DJs are more likely to hold competitions. Remember that some stations offer streaming audio so that you can listen to them on your computer, even when you're not near a radio.

2. Donít forget to enter!

Itís a good idea to set up reminders to warn you just before radio sweepstakes are about to go live. Your mobile phone calendar is a good bet. That way you wonít forget!

3. Donít give up

Once the radio sweepstake goes live, you should call over and over again as quickly as possible. Don't give up if it seems like a lot of time has gone past; some stations wait an hour or so before they start picking winners. And don't give up until the winner is announced on the air.

4. Speed dial

Itís common for radio stations to use the same telephone numbers to call in for all of their sweepstakes. Add these numbers to the speed dial of your telephone or mobile so that you don't mis-dial, and also get in there very quickly.

5. Use More Than One Phone

If you really want to get serious, then use two phones Ė a land-line and your mobile. Dial with both at the same time. This will double your chances of getting through.

Let us know how you get on. More 'phone in' tips on the Comper's Corner blog coming very soon.

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